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Southern Oregon EmpowerED does not have afternoon or early evening availability at this time

Empowering Your Child

Southern Oregon EmpowerED believes all children can learn. With 1-on-1 instruction and the proper interventions, seemingly impossible tasks can become possible. As an educational therapist, I have the skills that go beyond traditional tutoring. This allows me to work with students who have or may have dyslexia, ADHD, dysgraphia, social emotional challenges, and executive function skills deficits. Everybody's brain learns differently. If we are not taught in a way that pairs with our learning style, school can become a battle but it doesn't need to be.

What is educational therapy?

Educational Therapy centers around the idea that everyone can learn in a way that is unique to them. Children and adults can face a number of learning challenges, including but not limited to, dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADHD, executive deficits, as well as language, visual and auditory processing issues. With educational therapy these individuals receive personalized remedial instruction using research-based methods and interventions. In the process, the student learns helpful strategies to tackle difficult subject areas and concepts and ultimately gains self-confidence as a learner. The goal of educational therapy is to encourage and allow the student to take hold of their learning and independently use the systems and tools they've been taught. Learning becomes enjoyable and fun!

What is an educational therapist vs. a tutor?

An educational therapist is similar to a learning specialist or a special education teacher in a school because these professionals meet students where they are academically and work with them to progress. However, because of the growing number of children who need support services, many students who are struggling may need more support to be successful in the classroom and beyond. 

How is an educational therapist more than a tutor?

Tutoring focuses on re-teaching specific academic content. Educational Therapy teaches the student academic strategies and skills that can be used to manage their learning differences while accessing core curriculum. 

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Your child may benefit from educational therapy if they...
  • struggle with sounding out words (decoding) or reading comprehension

  • experience difficulty "showing work" in math

  • struggle with beginning a writing assignment 

  • have difficulty maintaining concentration, remembering, or paying attention

  • are not getting enough support at school

  • have a language delay

  • struggle with following multi step directions

  • show resistance going to school

  • experience decreased self esteem, discouragement and/or withdrawal regarding school

  • demonstrate a lack of progress at school 

  • need extreme amounts of time and parent support to get homework tasks done

Do you offer other academic support services?

In addition to Educational Therapy, I also offer support to the family unit specifically in the areas of Educational Consulting and navigating the Special Education system for children attending public school.

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